Antiqu’e Ampomah’s Double EP Release: A Powerful Journey Through Adversity


Antiqu’e Ampomah’s Double EP Release: A Powerful Journey Through Adversity

Antiqu’e Ampomah, a talented artist, is celebrating the release of her latest EPs, As Strange as It Seems and Could Be Worse! Both projects offer a powerful exploration of love, loss, and personal endurance through adverse experiences, expressed through a distinct blend of Alt Soul—a fusion of Jazz, Hip Hop, Melancholy Folk, Indie Pop—and Voetry.

‘As Strange as It Seems’ is a 17-minute EP born out of Ampomah's confrontation with her mortality during the gruelling treatment of ABVD chemotherapy and the anxiety-laden lockdown of 2021. This EP delves into adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), identity, and the emotional landscape of growing up in South London.

Could Be Worse! is a 34-minute EP that serves as a testament to the healing power of artistic expression. The project emerged from Ampomah's trauma following the murder of her son's father and childhood sweetheart. Through this collection of songs, Ampomah processes complex emotions and experiences, embracing vulnerability and authenticity to encourage listeners to find their voice and solace in adversity. The creation of this EP aided Ampomah's healing journey during a further eleven months of Brentuximab (Immunotherapy) and intensive ICE Chemotherapy treatment from 2021 to 2022.

Both EP’s showcase Ampomah's resilience and growth, with 'As Strange as It Seems' focusing on overcoming childhood adversity and 'Could Be Worse!' exploring

themes of love, loss, and transformation. Antiqu'e Ampomah's unique sound is raw, unfiltered and compelling with emotive storytelling which resonates deeply with listeners, fostering empathy and connection. By sharing her personal journey through adversity, Antiqu'e Ampomah inspires others to find strength in their own vulnerability and conquer their fears. To explore these powerful EP’s and learn more about this artist, visit her website at and join the journey with the Butterfly Queen. 





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