BLAK TWANG - GAS (Go Ape Shit)


Blak Twang follows up his Dirty'Dirty banger with another powerful track to get ears ringing and the necks snapping, the appropriately titled G.A.S (Go Ape Shit) which is bound to get all the fans gassed up from the energy.

This time Twang has linked up with prolific producer and fellow rapper/songwriter 'Nutty P' who produced this monster hiphop joint. It marries a hard energetic track with hard hitting uncompromising lyrics, taking us back to the days of hip-hop jams in dark smoky venues where audiences and the dj's created electric vibes that got you hyped up.

From the moment the eerie Horn stabs and heavy 808 drums hit, it's non-stop fire bars, witty punchlines, flows and an infectious hook you always associate with Tony Rotton and he doesn't disappoint.

On G.A.S. he name checks M Huncho, MF Doom, Wiley & even takes a moment of silence to pay tribute to the late 'Black the Ripper'.
while cleverly managing to shout out 90's hip hop venue, the legendary 'Borderline' that once was the mecca of the London Hiphop scene that gave birth to so many ukhiphop legends, ("Feels like i'm in Borderline, going ape shit to Brooklyn zoo with ODB and Wu") to the current home of tru skool hiphop in London 'The cHip sHop' in Brixton that continues to carry on the tradition of live performances keeping the london hiphop culture vibrant and thriving.

G.A.S. captures the perfect balance of true school Mc'ing with contemporary hiphop sounds to create a modern blend for the listener, whilst staying true to the roots.

Still remaining lyrically defiant and relevant and refusing to conform to the bubble gum sing songy rap tracks that have become common place, Twang aka Blakzilla raps

"I spit pain that hurts cos I am the truth bredda, built this from the ground up, I'm living proof bredda, birthed a generation of strong Blak youths bredda, ain't waiting for no saviour, I'm a lone wolf bredda. Look how long the powers that be have been tryna stop it, ceasered our great leaders and Nat turnered our prophets, created these zombies to push poison for profit, agendas in the endz cos their nature is destructive"

"Get the doctors call 999, get the fire brigade and emergency services on standby" GAS. This is Blak Twang at full throttle Going Ape shit!!

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